JULY 2020 | Miami, Florida

NEXT empowers cruise lines and port facilities to manage risk with UV-C tech, products, and science driven solutions.

New CDC Study Confirms Effectiveness of UV-C Disinfection to Combat Harmful Pathogens.


NEXT LLC delivers science-based tech solutions integrating an arsenal of UV-C products. The company expects to empower cruise lines and terminals to mitigate contagion from the boarding process onward. Aggressive strategies applying recommendations and protocols confirmed by the CDC and in compliance with global and regional authorities could accelerate and ensure a safe resumption to operations.


In unison with its manufacturing partners, NEXT’s industrial-grade UV-C appliances are designed for the strategic deployment inside every area of the ship’s interior. Products range from high-powered appliances for large spaces such as casinos, theaters, dining venues and spa / fitness centers employed during routine sanitizing operations to compact HVAC units with filtration for back offices, crew areas, staterooms, elevators, and restrooms. NEXT offers scientific, technical, and advisory teams for installations around the globe.


NEXT CEO, Martin Salzedo, who spearheaded and operated cruise lines will demonstrate cost-effective operational success, measurable results, and optimal performance in the detection, decontamination, and eradication of contagions both now and into the future. According to a mock ship case study developed by NEXT, the cost to deploy a full arsenal of products and solutions (one year payoff) is projected to be less than $2 per passenger, per day, based on 50 weeks of operation and 180,000 total passengers.


JD Schwartz, NEXT’s CMO states, “What makes us different are our people. We are a dedicated group of uniquely qualified professionals in the cruise, science, and manufacturing sectors combining the best available resources for cruise lines to overcome its barriers to re-entry. Viral spread cannot be eliminated. The difference will be treating as few cases as possible as opposed to having to homeport with hundreds of quarantined guests and crew.”


Science based Attributes:


  • NEXT identifies the scientific efficacy of each product by the dosage required to irradiate target germs, viruses, molds, etc.

  • NEXT analyzes the source of contaminates by flow of people and their activities in in various environments.

  • NEXT deploys the products and protocols that maximize the combined effects of surface, and space UV-C eradication. 

  • A NEXT TEAM enables safe solutions with training and support to help management manage risk


The NEXT product line includes:


  • Point of embarkation mass temperature detection screening scans those entering a terminal. Scanners can be dispersed onboard and at destination ports to continuously monitor temperatures.


  • Self-contained plug and play UV-C units pull air away from breathing levels to the floor eradicating particles and decontaminating the air. Variations in size, capacity and cost can be deployed in guest relation areas, guest and staff/crew accommodations, back offices, public rest rooms, and elevators.


  • For large spaces, UV-C towers utilize UV-C light to seek out and destroy microorganisms in the air and on hard surfaces. The portable towers can decontaminate from areas of 400 - 8,000 square feet using two, four, or eight bulbs. Large open spaces, when closed for sanitizing or decontamination such as dining, fitness/spa, and entertainment venues are prime targets.


  • Handheld UV-C units disinfect hard-to-clean surfaces and inaccessible areas that require frequent wipe-downs. Handheld units target high volume touch points including buffets, bars, casinos, stairwells, landings, companion ways, restrooms, spas, and fitness centers.


  • HVAC duct inserts incorporate UV-C technology into existing air conditioning and filtration systems and are key in eradicating particles and viruses in the air as it passes through the duct prior to allowing particulates and spores to circulate.

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