Mitigate the spread of onboard viral infections including COVID-19 with IQ: intelligent quarters featuring science-driven UV-C products and solutions.

NEXT's IQ SAFE features solutions for isolating guests and/or crew who are diagnosed with a viral or bacterial infection. IQ's turn-key cabin-ready bundled arsenal of NEXT's UV-C products and hardware feature:

• OCCUPANT MONITORING 24/7 with a WIFI web-based camera

• AIR DECONTAMINATION 24/7 with UV-C air purifiers in the cabin and lavatory

• SAFELY CONTAIN all rubbish and medical supplies with BIO-MED receptacles

• ERADICATE the entire space prior to and following use of the IQ cabin

A new CDC study confirms the effectiveness of UV-C disinfection to combat harmful pathogens. IQ SAFE will prevent infected guests/crew from spreading disease. The CDC recommends a percentage of cabins to be designated as quarantine capable. NEXT’s science-driven solutions and products maximize protocols through innovation.

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Next helps management manage risk.

IQ SAFE is a turn-key stack of science-driven solutions and products developed by NEXT for the express purpose of safely isolating guests, staff, and crew who have been identified as being infected with any bacterial or viral infection including COVID-19.

We help manage risk with the deployment of our UV-C air purification and hardware systems that will eradicate 99.9 percent of airborne and surface pathogens including COVID-19.

Mitigating the onboard spread of viruses including COVID-19 will be critical in empowering operators to safely return to sea. IQ Safe’s protocols will administer the highest levels of safe decontamination.

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Next makes cruising

safer with science

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