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Veteran of the seas JD Schwartz and Martin Salzedo, an industry icon who has spearheaded the start-up and operations of several cruise lines bring to the table a nextgen automated solution to the safe and compliant delivery of flatware.

on board, on price, on time | labor saving, contact-free, UV light recommended for ship-side and out-island installations

The Solution


Automated portable flatware preparation unit:

SMALL FOOTPRINT 36”w x 30”deep x 30”high


Wrapping silverware in napkins is the best way of providing sanitary flatware to customers. Unfortunately, it is a costly, labor intense and germ-infested process that is among your staff's least favorite and non-productive tasks. Here's an affordable and revolutionary unit that will automate your flatware preparation service in napkins and band them contact and touch free after they have been through the dishwasher. Reduce your costs and raise your employees’ morale while providing your guests with the cleanest flatware available. Using biodegradable flatware as an option results in a single use solution.


More than ever, cruise lines will need to enhance sanitation while using contact-free options when available. This cost effective, staff saving, efficient unit can pay for itself quickly and complies with the new strict standards as dictated by management.

Increase Productivity & Efficiency |  The Automated Solution

Deliver up to 300 contact-free sets per hour / per machine

Programmable LCD display for settings,diagnostics

and troubleshooting.

Cassette racks for flatware holding 50 pieces each loaded after cleaning.

250-300 paper napkins are stored along with the banding roll (3,000 wraps)

UV light and touchless operations ensures compliance and safety.

Wrapped in action:

30 Day Money-Back


If the unit does not perform to the standards and specifications as sold, we'll refund the amount paid and collect the equipment.

(Contact us for details)

Safety First: Are you ready?

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